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News : BRIF - CoBRA: Citation of BioResources in journal Articles

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updated on 2015-04-03 14:02:46

As part of the BRIF (Bioresource Research Impact factor) initiative,  a guideline for reporting bioresource use in research articles has been proposed for the first time: the CoBRA, Citation of BioResources in journal Articles.

Adopting this guideline will improve the quality of bioresource reporting and will allow their traceability in scientific publications, thus increasing the recognition of bioresources' value and relevance to research.

More information about this innovative guideline is available in the following open acces paper:

Bravo E, Calzolari A, De Castro P, et al. Developing a guideline to standardize the citation of bioresources in journal articles (CoBRA). BMC Medicine 2015;13:33
(doi: 10.1186/s12916-015-0266-y)
For an easy use COBRA is synthetised in the checklist presented in the table 2 of the paper cited above.

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