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Continuous improvement in the health of European citizens relies on biomedical research and on citizens who participate in that research. Research today needs new, bigger and better resources.

Over 200 organisations - including national funders - in 24 EU Member States are jointly planning EU infrastructure to deliver those resources. The samples. The data. The tools. Our infrastructures already manage over 10 million samples. Our goals are to increase this number, to improve quality, to reduce fragmentation, to extend the reach of European researchers.

Europe has sophisticated health delivery systems. Its citizens understand the need for health research. Now we plan to realise more fully the potential of European biomedical research.

The Mission


To prepare for the construction of a pan-European Biobanking and Biomolecular Resources Research Infrastructure (BBMRI) for biomedical and biological research in Europe and worldwide, building on existing infrastructures, resources and technologies, specifically complemented with innovative components and properly embedded into European ethical, legal and societal frameworks.

  • To benefit European health-care, medical research, and, ultimately, the health of the citizens of the European Union.
  • To have a sustainable legal and financial conceptual framework for a pan-European Biobank infrastructure.
  • To increase scientific excellence and efficacy of European research in the life sciences, especially in biomedical research.
  • To expand and secure competitiveness of European research and industry in a global context, especially in the field of medicine and biology.
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