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hSERN : Human Sample Exchange Regulation Navigator

Welcome on hSERN ...

Find administrative and legal information for exchanges of human biological samples for research use in Europe !

hSERN provides users with information on theoretical and practical legal aspects for exchanging biological samples across borders. The knowledge base is developed in a structured way :

overview Overview
provides a general comment related to the selected countries on this topic
theory Theory
provides an easy access to different legal notions and to the implemented legal texts
practice Practice
provides an access to the legal or administrative forms and to the actions to undertake
issues Issues
present related questions and relevant documentation

We also provide an access to relevant international and legal instruments.

fil rssNews about exchanges of human biological samples




The EU Commission further regulates the exchange of samples

Two new EU Directives implementing Directives 2004/23/EC and 2006/86/EC have been adopted regarding the verification of quality and safety of imported tissues and cells and regarding certain technical requirements for the coding of human tissues and cells. ... Read more




BRIF - CoBRA: Citation of BioResources in journal Articles

As part of the BRIF (Bioresource Research Impact factor) initiative, a guideline for reporting bioresource use in research articles has been proposed for the first time ... Read more




BRIF - Launching of the Open Journal of Bioresources - OJB

The Bioresource Research Impact Factor (BRIF) is an ongoing international intiative devloping methods, tools and framework for valorising the bioresources used in scientific research. As a part of the intitative, Ubiquity Press launched a new journal for describing biobanks, samples and data collections. ... Read more




Luxembourg   The Luxembourg Regulation part is fully validated and available

The hSERN sections dedicated to the Luxembourg National legal/ethical framework for exchanging human biological samples and associated data across borders is 100% validated. ... Read more

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